Many of these utilities are familiar Windows functions. With Active@ Boot Disk you can access them even if your hard drive is damaged.

System Information
Displays system information about your local machine
Check Local Disks
An applet that helps you create and display a status report for your hard drive
Display Settings
Choose the resolution and number of colors displayed
Task Manager
Get information about computer performance and details about running applications, processes, network activity, user and system services. View or modify currently running services. View the full name of a process. Monitor applications and services running system performance and resources
Set Date, Time and Zone
Change your computer’s date, time and time zone
Search & Edit Local Registry
Search for and display specified registry details or create a custom registry hive. After you find the registry hive that you are looking for, you can edit it with Registry Editor
Add Language and Keyboard
Add language support for a second language. This includes special keyboard layout and the ability to display language characters on the screen. You can use a different language for a file name or when recording notes about changes made to the system
Bootable Configuration Editor
View and edit entries in BCD (Boot Configuration Data) store to make a Windows system partition bootable