Registry Editor

You can review and change local registry parameters after loading a registry hive from any partition that is detected by Active@ Boot Disk utilities. If your computer cannot complete a boot-up and if the boot failure is related to registry parameters of a driver or another bootable configuration, you may still be able to fix it by changing registry parameters using this Registry Editor.

To use Registry Editor:

  1. In order to launch Registry Editor from the Active@ Boot Disk shell click on Start > Utilities > Registry Editor.
  2. In the registry hierarchy list, choose either HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE or HKEY_USERS hive.
  3. From the File menu choose Load Hive…
  4. The Load Hive dialog box appears.
  5. Browse to the primary logical drive (for example, C:) and navigate to Windows\System32\config where you will find the contents of the config folder.
  6. Choose a registry hive. For example choose one of:
    • SYSTEM
  7. Click Open, which will open the Load Hive dialog box.
  8. In Key Name, type a custom name for the hive that you are loading. For example MY_SOFTWARE_HIVE.
  9. Click OK. The new hive will appear in the registry hierarchy under the root level that you have previously selected in step 2.
  10. Open the loaded hive in order to view and edit registry values, create and delete new entries or keys.
  11. After you have completed all the changes in the loaded hive, close the Registry Editor. All changes are written to the registry hive that was previously attached.
  12. Exit Active@ Boot Disk and restart the computer.