System Information

This utility displays in-depth details about your local system.

To open System Information (Sysinfo):

  • In the Active@ Boot Disk shell click Start > System > System Information. The Sysinfo display box appears:

System information details presented in 6 categories:

  • System Summary - Operating system, BIOS, Processor, RAM and more.
  • Installed Devices - All classes of devices, including batteries, drives, human interface devices, controllers etc.
  • Environment Variables - Processor architecture, revision number, as well as paths to various tools and operating system utilities.
  • Display - Current and available display resolutions.
  • Drives - Information about local fixed disks, including amount of free space.
  • Network - IP configuration and specifications for LAN adaptor.

To save all system information to an HTML file:

  1. Click Save SysInfo to file. The Save dialog box appears:
  2. Navigate to the folder where you want to save the information.
  3. Name the file in File name field and click Save.