How to Create a Bootable Disk

This video tells how to build a bootable disk with additional files, folders, drivers etc.

For Windows:

Active@ Boot Disk Windows Video Guide

For DOS:

Active@ Boot Disk DOS Video Guide

Booting PC from a CD/USB/Floppy Disk

This video shows how to reconfigure the BIOS boot order to start from a CD/USB drive or floppy disk.

Active@ Boot Disk Interface

This working simulation of Active@ Boot Disk allows you to click on various icons and screens to familiarize you with the interface. Remember that it's not a real program loading on the screen. Go ahead and explore everything like real!

Active@ KillDisk Video

You may see how to erase/wipe data from disk with Active@ KillDisk 9 (Windows and Linux platform).

Active@ Disk Image Video

Disk Imaging software creates an exact copy of computer disks, which is often used for data backup, disk cloning and etc.

How to backup your disk with Active@ Disk Image?

How to restore a disk image with Active@ Disk Image?

Active@ Password Changer Video

This video shows how to change a forgotten administrator password and gain access to the Windows operating system.

Active@ File Recovery Video

Recovering a lost or deleted file: QuickScan is a fast and basic scan. Most deleted files and folders can be found using this method.

Active@ Partition Recovery Video

Active@ Partition Recovery is a compact and easy to use recovery software that can:

  • Recover deleted partitions FAT-NTFS-HFS+-Ext2-3fs
  • Restore deleted FAT-NTFS-HFS-ExtFs Logical Drives
  • Scan hard drives - to detect deleted partitions only
  • SuperScan - detect formatted or damaged partitions
  • Create Drive Image - for backup recovery purposes
  • Preview files and folders on deleted partition or drive
  • Rollback, Backup and Restore disk partitioning info
  • Fix damaged Master Boot Record and Partition Table
  • Fix damaged Volume and Partition Boot Sectors
  • Backup MBR, Restore MBR, partition table, volume boot sectors from previously created backups

Active@ UNDELETE Video

This tutorial will guide you through how to recover deleted files from disk volume (logical drive) with Active@ UNDELETE.