How to change Keyboard layouts while in the Active@ Boot Disk Environment?

In case your keyboard layout is not listed in the initial menu of the Boot Disk environment, you can still set another keyboard layout manually. Here is how to do that. From the Boot Disk Start menu (lower left corner), select System - Command Prompt (cmd.exe)

The command prompt window will open.

The following command will list available keyboard layouts.

wpeutil ListKeyboardLayout 0x0409

Many keyboard layout IDs will be listed on screen. Take note of the one you want to use. To set another keyboard layout use the command below. For example, to set the Belgian keyboard layout, enter the following from the command prompt

wpeutil SetKeyboardLayout 0409:0001080c

You will see a response of "The command completed successfully."

Type "exit" at the command prompt for the change to take effect and close the command prompt window. While in the Boot Disk environment, remember to press the Left Alt+Shift keys to switch between input languages/keyboard layouts.