Map Network Drive

To map a network drive:

  • From the Active@ Boot Disk shell click Start > Network > Map Network Drive.The Map Network Drive dialog box appears.
  • In Drive combo select a drive letter to be assigned
  • In Folder field type the server name and share the name of computer (or folder). For example: "\\servername\sharename"
  • To search for the computer or folder click browse button […]
  • If it is necessary to change the username in order to map the selected drive, do the following:
    • a. Enter the domain name and the username that has a permission to connect to the selected computer or folder
    • b. Enter the password for the user named above
  • Click Connect
Note: Mapped drives are available only when the host computer is available. Network drives are assigned letters from Z to A, and local drives (your hard drive and removable storage devices) are assigned letters from A to Z. You can assign a computer or shared folder to a different drive letter by disconnecting from the drive and then reassigning it to a new drive letter.