Honeyview Image Viewer

Honeyview Image Viewer provides ultrafast rendering with optimized image processing


  • Support for Various Image Formats - BMP, JPG, GIF/Animation GIF, TIFF, PNG, TGA, PSD, JPEG 2000(JP2, J2K), JPEG XR/HD Photo (JXR, WDP, HDP), Adobe Digital Negative (DNG), DDS, WebP and PCX formats are supported.
  • Direct View for Compressed Files - images can be viewed without extracting (but with memory decompressing) compressed files (ZIP/CBZ, RAR/CBR, ALZ, EGG, LZH, TAR, 7Z, HV3, CAB and ISO).
  • EXIF View - Click the EXIF button in the upper-left corner to display EXIF information along with the file information.
  • GPS View - Many smartphone photos (taken by iPhone or Android) include GPS information. It displays GPS information of a photo on Google Maps.
  • Slideshow View - Click the Slideshow button on the top of the window to start a slideshow with the currently displayed pictures at a certain interval (1–90 sec).
  • Add/Edit Bookmarks - Click the Bookmark button on the top of the window to go to frequently viewed images.
  • Copy/Move to Photo folder - Click the Photo folder button in the upper-right corner to copy/move the currently displayed photo to Photo folder 1 or Photo folder 2 .
  • Support for Keyboard Shortcuts - Honeyview supports many keyboard shortcuts for user convenience.
  • Support for Sound & Shot Files - Honeyview supports Sound & Shot files and the audio file to which image and sound is simultaneously recorded.
  • Fast Image Processing - Optimized image processing provides faster image loading and filtering than competitors
  • Support for Unicode - Unicode is supported to fully display Chinese, Russian, Japanese etc.
  • Auto Image Rotation - With EXIF information, Honeyview automatically rotates a picture to the correct position.
  • Support for 64-bit OSes - Honeyview fully supports 64-bit OSes for faster processing.

To launch Honeyview from the Active@ Boot Disk shell, click Start > Utilities > Honeyview Image Viewer