RAID Manager (DiskRAID)

DiskRAID is a command-line tool that enables you to configure and manage redundant array of independent (or inexpensive) disks (RAID) storage subsystems.

A hardware RAID subsystem distinguishes physically addressable storage units from one another by using a Logical Unit Number (LUN). A LUN object must have at least one plex, and can have any number of additional plexes. Each plex contains a copy of the data on the LUN object. Plexes can be added to and removed from a LUN object.

Most DiskRAID commands operate on a specific host bus adapter (HBA) port, initiator adapter, initiator portal, provider, subsystem, controller, port, drive, LUN, target portal, target, or target portal group. You use the SELECT command to select an object. The selected object is said to have focus. Focus simplifies common configuration tasks, such as creating multiple LUN's within the same subsystem.


To select subsystem 0, type the following at the DiskRAID prompt:

DISKRAID> select subsystem 0

Press ENTER. Output similar to the following is displayed:

Subsystem 0 is now the selected subsystem.

To list all drives in the system, type:

DISKRAID> list drives
Drive # Status Health Size Free Bus Slot Flags
Drive 0 Online Healthy 107 GB 107 GB 0 1
Drive 1 Offline Healthy 29 GB 29 GB 1 0
Drive 2 Online Healthy 107 GB 107 GB 0 2
Drive 3 Not Ready Healthy 19 GB 19 GB 1 1

Read here more detailed information on DiskRAID usage.