Booting from CD/DVD/USB

After successful creating a bootable media (CD/DVD/Blu-Ray or USB) you can proceed directly to the boot procedure.

Note: If you created an ISO image it should be burnt to the medium first
Note: Before using your new bootable media you should purchase a required license and obtain a registration key or use supplied evaluation DEMO key.
Important: For instructions on setting boot sequence priority in the system BIOS see the appendix.
To boot from the Active@ Boot Disk drive:
  1. To boot from CD/DVD/Blu-Ray put the bootable Active@ Boot Disk disk into the drive and turn on your computer
  2. To boot from USB device plug the bootable Active@ Boot Disk USB device into a USB port and turn on your computer
  3. If you want to cancel booting up the Active@ Boot Disk and load the operating system on the system hard drive, press any key on the keyboard