BitLocker Repair

The BitLocker Repair tool can be used to access encrypted data on a severely damaged hard disk if the drive was encrypted by using BitLocker. Repair-bde can reconstruct critical parts of the drive and salvage recoverable data as long as a valid recovery password or recovery key is used to decrypt the data. If the BitLocker metadata data on the drive has become corrupt, you must be able to supply a backup key package in addition to the recovery password or recovery key. With this key package and either the recovery password or recovery key, you can decrypt portions of a BitLocker-protected drive if the disk is corrupted. Each key package will work only for a drive that has the corresponding drive identifier.

The Repair-bde command-line tool is intended for use when the operating system does not start or when you cannot start the BitLocker Recovery Console. You should use Repair-bde if the following conditions are true:

  1. You have encrypted the drive by using BitLocker Drive Encryption.
  2. Windows does not start, or you cannot start the BitLocker recovery console.
  3. You do not have a copy of the data that is contained on the encrypted drive.


To recover damaged BitLocker volume C: and store all partition’s information into the image file on volume D:

repair-bde C: D:\imagefile.img

Read more detailed information on BitLocker repair command-line tool usage here