Booting from the CD and then running a drive defrag

I have a laptop with Win 7 and the HD is bitlocked. I don't want to mess anything up that would result in data loss, so I have a few questions: How do I boot from active boot disk and then run a chkdsk? How to I boot from the CD and then run a drive defrag?

The short answer is — currently Boot Disk cannot do it. There is a web site that explains how to access a locked drive from WinPE:

However there are two requirements.

  1. The WINPE environment must be built to include WMI. (Boot Disk does not have this component in it)

  2. You need to have the BitLocker Key or key file. (this is created when there is normal access to the system)

Probably in the future, it may be a good idea to include WMI. If WMI is included, you can also include PowerShell which would be useful for those who want to do some advanced Windows scripts in Boot Disk.