6.5 Date and Time

The Date & Time changer also adopts the settings as you enter dates and times from the Date dialog box.

Click Start > System > Date and Time and open the Date & Time changer

If you date and time are dependent, they are stored in the current time zone.

If you change the time zone setting, records in the database are not changed to reflect the new time zone setting. You must go back and manually change each record to agree with the new time zone setting.

How to set the date and time?

  1. From the Date & Time tab pick the current date in the calendar
  2. Click the hour, minute or second.
  3. Use the spinner control to change the digit forward or backward.
  4. Click Apply.
Boot Disk Date and Time Properties. View and change date, time and time zone

How to set the time zone?

  1. Click the Time Zone tab.
  2. From the drop-down list, set your time zone, relative to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).
  3. Click Apply.
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