When using the "KillDiskFloppysetup" utility I receive the following error message when attempting to boot from the floppy disk "Error loading FreeDos Kernel" press any key to continue. What's wrong?

There may be an incompatibility with your computer and the FreeDOS OS.

You can create a MS-DOS boot disk instead.

  1. Insert a blank floppy disk into the drive and right click on the A: Drive in My Computer.
  2. From the popup menu select Format and then turn on the check box to "Create a MS-DOS startup disk".
  3. When this is done, delete the files:
    • EGA2.CPI
    • EGA3.CPI
    • EGA.CPI
    • KEYB.COM
    • MODE.COM
  4. That should free up enough space to copy the files KILLDISK.EXE and DOS4GW.EXE to the new floppy disk.
  5. Boot the computer from this floppy disk and at the A:\> prompt, type in KILLDISK to start the program.