When I try to boot from the Password Changer for DOS Floppy or CD, I get the Error Loading FreeDOS Kernel

There may be an incompatibility with your computer and the FreeDOS. You can create aMS-DOS boot disk instead. To do this follow the following procedure.

  1. Insert a blank floppy disk into the drive and right click on the A: Drive in My Computer.
  2. From the popup menu select Format and then turn on the check box to "Create a MS-DOS startup disk".
  3. When this is done, delete the files:
    • EGA2.CPI
    • EGA3.CPI
    • EGA.CPI
    • KEYB.COM
    • MODE.COM
  4. That should free up enough space to copy the files PWD_CHNG.EXE to the new floppy disk.
  5. Boot the computer from this floppy disk and at the A:\> prompt, type in PWD_CHNG to start the program.