How can I get Active@ Boot Disk onto a floppy?

Active@ Boot Disk is a bootable CD-ROM disk.

Instructions for creating the bootable CD-ROM from the ISO image file are located at

The bootable partition on the CD containing all applications is hidden from Windows. When browsing the CD (or ISO image) in Windows, you may only see the PDF documentation files. After creating the bootable CD-ROM and booting the system from the CD-ROM, all programs will be visible.

If a floppy disk is required to boot a system, there are two ways of getting individual programs from the Active@ Boot Disk program onto a Bootable Floppy Disk.

Please note, that a floppy disk is limited to 1.44Mb in size so only one of the software programs can reside on the flopy at a time.

Method 1

Log into the Customer Communication Centre (using your Email address and ORDER ID as the password). Click on the UPGRADES link on the left of the screen.

You will see individual programs listed.

Click on the GET UPGRADE link to the very right of the corresponding product name to download that particular program.

Follow the prompts to receive the download.

Once downloaded, run the setup program. This will either extract your licensed version and/or prompt you to run the Bootable Disk Creator program.

If not prompted to create a boot disk you may access the "Download Bootable Disk Creator for Free version" (from the respective products web site). Then copy your registered version of the program to the floppy disk created.

Method 2

If you boot the system from the Active@ Boot Disk, you will see the Active@ Boot Disk Welcome screen (not Windows) and all the programs will be available. If you need to access one of the programs, boot from the CD and exit the Welcome screen by hitting the [ESC] button. Put a floppy disk in the floppy drive and then copy any of the program files from the CD-ROM to the floppy disk.
e.g. to place Active@ KillDisk Pro onto a floppy disk type the following at the command prompt:


The above assumes that the A:\ drive is the bootable CD-ROM drive and the B:\ drive is the floppy disk drive. DOS4GW.EXE is a required file for Active@ KillDisk, Active@ UNERASER and Active@ Disk Image.